Jewelry & Art that inspires for the times we live in

Lavaggi is an online sterling silver jewelry store that provides precise jewelry collections such as beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings and more, all of which are made from the finest materials along with occasional gold accents and gemstones.

In addition to these jewelry collections, Lavaggi also produces eye-catching artworks made by the well-known artist, Steven Lavaggi.

Savior Necklace, Designed by Steven Lavaggi
Petite Angel, Designed by Steven Lavaggi




Soaring Angel Necklace, Designed by Steven Lavaggi
Soaring Angel Hoop Earrings, Designed by Steven Lavaggi
I just finished reading the amazing story of the Reconciliation Angel and the history of the Lavaggi name. How wonderful! Thank you, for sharing the Angel and your amazing talents.

Terri B.

I have both the Angel Petite necklace and the print of Angel of Consolation. My daughter had just passed away when I received them. Her name was Hope. Being a young mother of 3 at the time I had a very difficult time accepting what was happening and felt completely alone… I was given 3 of the necklaces and the print. I have one necklace, my late daughter wears hers and my mother… Everyday I wear my necklace and will always carry that piece of my baby Hope with me. You may not know how important those pieces are to me, but they carry a lot of meaning to me. I am forever grateful and appreciative of the beautiful work you create. I’m sure it touches many people in special ways. Thank you.

Nicole R.

I wear mine every day! My grandmother bought it for me back in 2011, and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s my guardian angel.

Sarah M.

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