Circle of FAITH© Necklace


The Circle of Life is ever progressing onward as Faith directs the way for those that believe. Comes boxed with romance card.

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This sterling silver necklace represents the Circle of Life, and how it is ever-progressing onward as Faith directs the way for those that believe. This piece also compliments our Circle of LOVE and Circle of HOPE necklaces. It comes boxed with romance card.


About the Designer

For over 30 years, the “Artist of Hope” Steven Lavaggi has been renowned for his lavish paintings and grand-scale murals. His desire to reach the hearts of all people inspired him to create affordable artwork that’s more accessible to everyone.

Steven began by transforming one of his angel paintings into 20-inch sculptures. Riding high on a wave of international acclaim, he went on to design figurines, printed editions, jewelry, and décor accents as part of a series called Angels of Reconciliation. Symbolizing a message of hope and reassurance as well as God’s love for all humanity, this collection serves as a reminder to live the best life possible.


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