Sterling Silver Earrings by Steven Lavaggi, the Artist of Hope

Silver has always been a symbol of luxury since forever. It is associated with elegance, grandeur and oftentimes, femininity. Sterling silver embraces all the qualities of pure silver, with the added advantage of durability. Sterling silver earrings are worn across the globe and are becoming extremely popular due to their glow and shine. It is just the right combination of shine and beauty with strength and durability. If taken good care of, sterling silver earrings can last forever.

What is exactly sterling silver?

Sterling silver is basically an alloy of various metals. It usually contains 92.5 percentage of silver and the rest is other metal alloys. Various metals are used in this alloy however it is noticed that copper is the most preferred. Since pure silver is a very soft metal, it is usually mixed with an alloy of strong metals to give it strength and durability.

Sterling Silver Earrings by Steven Lavaggi, the Artist of Hope

The addition of a strong alloy brings a lifetime of durability in sterling silver earrings. When mixed with alloys, silver tends to lose its shine. To add the silvery gleam to sterling silver rings, they are usually coated with rhodium. Similar to platinum, rhodium gives a high glossy finish to sterling silver.

To identify a genuine sterling silver earring, look for a 925 mark on the earring. This engraving is made to identify authentic and genuine sterling silver jewelry. If you cannot see this mark, the sterling silver earring could be fake.

How to care for your sterling silver earrings?

The copper in sterling silver is reactive with oxygen. This essentially means that overtime, due to prolonged exposure to air and humid conditions, sterling silver earrings can become discolored or erode over time. This is why most sterling silver earrings have a rhodium coating. This prevents the copper from reacting with air. The rhodium also adds the gloss to sterling silver.

To make sure your sterling silver earrings last long, you need to take good care of them. For this you will have to ensure that the earrings do not accumulate any dirt. Wash your sterling silver earrings regularly to cleanse the dirt. After this, make sure to dry them completely before you store them. If store with some moisture in them, the earrings will deteriorate very quickly.

When storing your sterling silver earrings, make sure they are dried well and each piece is stored separately. Store in a jewelry box, preferably one with a cotton or velvet lining so that the earrings do not rub against anything. Keep all pieces of the jewelry separately to avoid their rubbing and developing scratches. Also, one major mistake that most people make is storing their jewelry and other metal items in the bathroom. Humidity is the worst enemy of metals. Store your jewelry away from the bathroom, in a cool dry place.

Do not wear sterling silver earring while swimming or bathing to avoid contact with substance like ammonia and Sulphur in the shampoos. Take extra care while spraying perfume if you have sterling silver earrings on. Alcohol in perfumes can be very harmful to the jewelry.


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