“As the Artist of Hope, I am attempting to inspire people with spiritual images and messages.
I desire to create inspiring visions for viewers to enter into. I am attempting to give my viewers a glimpse into the unseen reality which lies beyond our natural perception.”

-Steven Lavaggi

Lavaggi’s creative expressions transcend merely static art on walls and ascends to levels of experience which evokes tranquility and peace along with exhilaration and joy. This is art which speaks to the soul. As Lavaggi endeavors to express the intangible spiritual dimension of life, his creative intent through art and jewelry is to express faith, hope and especially love. Without love we are nothing. Yet all that we do with a sincere heart of love will last for all eternity.
Lavaggi’s sterling silver jewelry store showcases collections such as beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings and more. Each of these are made from the finest materials along with occasional gold accents and gemstones.
In addition to these jewelry collections, Lavaggi also produces eye-catching artwork on canvas and sculpture. Some of his collectors are Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, Billy Gibbons (ZZ top guitarist), Shirley MacClaine, The Salvador Dali Museum and more. See full list here.
Many of Steven Lavaggi’s artwork and jewelry were inspired by his original piece, Angel of Reconciliation.
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